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Menu Options for Copying

Available items vary depending on the menu you selected.

Number of Copies:

Set the number of copies.


Copies the original in black and white (monochrome).


Copies the original in color.


Select 2-sided layout.

  • 1→1-Sided

    Copies one side of an original onto a single side of paper.

  • 1→2-Sided

    Copies two single-sided originals onto both sides of a single sheet of paper. Select the orientation of your original and the binding position of the paper.


Increase the level of density when the copying results are faint. Decrease the level of density when ink smears.

Paper Setting:

Select the paper size and the paper type you loaded.


Enlarges or reduces the originals.

  • Actual Size

    Copies at 100 % magnification.

  • Auto Fit

    Detects the scan area and automatically enlarges or reduces the original to fit to the paper size you selected. When there are white margins around the original, the white margins from the corner mark of the scanner glass are detected as the scan area, but the margins at the opposite side may be cropped.

  • Custom

    Select to specify the magnification to enlarge or reduce the original.

Custom Size:

Specifies the magnification used to enlarge or reduce the original within a range of 25 to 400%.

Original Size:

Select the size of your original. When copying non-standard size originals, select the size closest to your original.


Select the copy layout.

  • Single Page

    Copies a single-sided original onto a single sheet.

  • 2-up

    Copies two single-sided originals onto a single sheet in 2-up layout. Select the layout order and the orientation of your original.


Select the quality for copying. Selecting High provides higher quality printing, but the printing speed may be slower.

ID Card Copy:

Scans both sides of an ID card and copies onto one side of a paper.

Borderless Copy:

Copies without margins around the edges. The image is enlarged a little to remove margins from the edges of the paper. Select how much to enlarge in the Expansion setting.