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Printing Using a Cloud Service

By using Epson Connect service available on the Internet, you can print from your smartphone, tablet PC, or laptop, anytime and practically anywhere. To use this service, you need to register the user and the printer in Epson Connect.

The features available on the Internet are as follows.

  • Email Print

    When you send an email with attachments such as documents or images to an email address assigned to the printer, you can print that email and the attachments from remote locations such as your home or office printer.

  • Epson iPrint

    This Application is for iOS and Android, and allows you to print or scan from a smartphone or tablet. You can print documents, images, and web sites by sending them directly to a printer on the same wireless LAN.

  • Remote Print Driver

    This is a shared driver supported by Remote Print Driver. When printing using a printer in a remote location, you can print by changing the printer on the usual applications window.

See the Epson Connect web portal for details on how to setup or print.


http://www.epsonconnect.eu (Europe only)