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Transporting and Storing the Printer

When you need to store the printer or transport it when moving or for repairs, follow the steps below to pack the printer.

  1. Turn off the printer by pressing the button.

  2. Make sure the power light turns off, and then unplug the power cord.


    Unplug the power cord when the power light is off. Otherwise, the print head does not return to the home position causing the ink to dry, and printing may become impossible.

  3. Disconnect all cables such as the power cord and USB cable.

  4. Remove all of the paper from the printer.

  5. Make sure there are no originals on the printer.

  6. Close the document cover if it is open.

  7. Open the scanner unit with both hand until it locks.


    Be careful not to trap your hand or fingers when opening or closing the scanner unit. Otherwise you may be injured.

  8. Secure the print head to the case with tape.

  9. Make sure to install the cap onto the ink tank securely.

  10. Close the ink tank cover securely.

  11. Close the scanner unit.


    The scanner unit is designed to close slowly and resist a little as a precaution against catching fingers. Continue to close even if you feel some resistance.

  12. Prepare to pack the printer as shown below.

  13. Place the printer in the plastic bag and fold it closed.

  14. Pack the printer in its box using the protective materials.

    • When storing or transporting the printer, place the printer in the plastic bag and fold it closed. Avoid tilting the printer, placing it vertically, or turning it upside down; otherwise ink may leak.

    • When storing or transporting an ink bottle, do not tilt the bottle and do not subject it to impacts or temperature changes. Otherwise, ink may leak even if the cap on the ink bottle is tightened securely. Be sure to keep the ink bottle upright when tightening the cap, and take precautions to prevent ink from leaking when transporting the bottle, for example, putting the bottle in a bag.

    • Do not put opened ink bottles in the box with printer.

When you use the printer again, make sure you remove the tape securing the print head. If print quality has declined the next time you print, clean and align the print head.