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Introduction to the Manuals

The following manuals are supplied with your Epson printer. As well as the manuals, see the help included in the various Epson software applications.

  • Important Safety Instructions (paper manual)

    Provides you with instructions to ensure the safe use of this printer.

  • Start Here (paper manual)

    Provides you with information on setting up the printer, installing the software, using the printer, solving problems, and so on.

  • User's Guide (digital manual)

    This manual. Provides overall information and instructions on using the printer, on network settings when using the printer on a network, and on solving problems.

You can obtain the latest versions of the above manuals with the following methods.

  • Paper manual

    Visit the Epson Europe support website at http://www.epson.eu/Support, or the Epson worldwide support website at http://support.epson.net/.

  • Digital manual

    Start EPSON Software Updater on your computer. EPSON Software Updater checks for available updates of Epson software applications and the digital manuals, and allows you to download the latest ones.