Adding the Network Scanner

Before using Epson Scan 2, you need to add the network scanner.

  1. Start the software, and then click Add on the Scanner Settings screen.

    • If Add is grayed out, click Enable Editing.

    • If the main screen of Epson Scan 2 is displayed, it has already been connected to the scanner. If you want to connect to another network, select Scanner > Settings to open the Scanner Settings screen.

  2. Add the network scanner. Enter the following items, and then click Add.

    • Model: Select the scanner you want to connect to.
    • Name: Enter the scanner name within 32 characters.
    • Search for Network: When the computer and the scanner are on the same network, the IP address is displayed. If it is not displayed, click the button. If the IP address is still not displayed, click Enter address, and then enter the IP address directly.
  3. Select the scanner on the Scanner Settingsscreen, and then click OK.