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Safety Instructions

Read and follow these instructions to ensure safe use of this printer. Make sure you keep this manual for future reference. Also, be sure to follow all warnings and instructions marked on the printer.

  • Some of the symbols used on your printer are to ensure safety and proper use of the printer. Visit the following Web site to learn the meaning of the symbols.


  • Use only the power cord supplied with the printer and do not use the cord with any other equipment. Use of other cords with this printer or the use of the supplied power cord with other equipment may result in fire or electric shock.

  • Be sure your AC power cord meets the relevant local safety standard.

  • Never disassemble, modify, or attempt to repair the power cord, plug, printer unit, scanner unit, or options by yourself, except as specifically explained in the printer's manuals.

  • Unplug the printer and refer servicing to qualified service personnel under the following conditions:

    The power cord or plug is damaged; liquid has entered the printer; the printer has been dropped or the casing damaged; the printer does not operate normally or exhibits a distinct change in performance. Do not adjust controls that are not covered by the operating instructions.

  • Place the printer near a wall outlet where the plug can be easily unplugged.

  • Do not place or store the printer outdoors, near excessive dirt or dust, water, heat sources, or in locations subject to shocks, vibrations, high temperature or humidity.

  • Take care not to spill liquid on the printer and not to handle the printer with wet hands.

  • Keep the printer at least 22 cm away from cardiac pacemakers. Radio waves from this printer may adversely affect the operation of cardiac pacemakers.