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Using the Manual to Search for Information

The PDF manual allows you to search for information you are looking for by keyword, or jump directly to specific sections using the bookmarks. You can also print only the pages you need. This section explains how to use a PDF manual that has been opened in Adobe Reader X on your computer.

Searching by keyword

Click Edit > Advanced Search. Enter the keyword (text) for information you want to find in the search window, and then click Search. Hits are displayed as a list. Click one of the displayed hits to jump to that page.

Jumping directly from bookmarks

Click a title to jump to that page. Click + or > to view the lower level titles in that section. To return to the previous page, perform the following operation on your keyboard.

  • Windows: Hold down Alt, and then press .

  • Mac OS: Hold down the command key, and then press .

Printing only the pages you need

You can extract and print only the pages you need. Click Print in the File menu, and then specify the pages you want to print in Pages in Pages to Print.

  • To specify a series of pages, enter a hyphen between the start page and the end page.

    Example: 20-25

  • To specify pages that are not in series, divide the pages with commas.

    Example: 5, 10, 15