Check the following.

  • Network devices such as a wireless router, hub, and router are turned on.

  • The TCP/IP Setup for network devices has not been set up manually. (If the printer’s TCP/IP Setup is set automatically while the TCP/IP Setup for other network devices is performed manually, the printer’s network may differ from the network for other devices.)

If it still does not work after checking the above, try the following.

  • Turn off the wireless router. Wait for about 10 seconds, and then turn it on.

  • Make network settings on the computer that is on the same network as the printer using the installer. You can run it from the following website.

    http://epson.sn > Setup

  • You can register several passwords on a wireless router that uses the WEP security type. If several passwords are registered, check if the first registered password is set on the printer.