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Checking the Connection (Network)

  • When you have changed your wireless router or provider, try making network settings for the printer again. Connect the computer or smart device to the same SSID as the printer.

  • Turn off the devices you want to connect to the network. Wait for about 10 seconds, and then turn on the devices in the following order; wireless router, computer or smart device, and then printer. Move the printer and computer or smart device closer to the wireless router to help with radio wave communication, and then try to make network settings again.

  • Print the network connection report. See the related information link below for details. If the report shows that the network connection failed, check the network connection report and then follow the printed solutions.

  • If the IP address assigned to the printer is 169.254.XXX.XXX, and the subnet mask is, the IP address may not be assigned correctly. Restart the wireless router or reset the network settings for the printer. If this does not solve the problem, see the documentation for the wireless router.

  • Try accessing any website from your computer to make sure that your computer's network settings are correct. If you cannot access any website, there is a problem on the computer. Check the network connection of the computer.