/ Placing Originals on the Scanner Glass

Placing Originals on the Scanner Glass


When placing bulky originals such as books, prevent exterior light from shining directly onto the scanner glass.

  1. Open the document cover.

  2. Remove any dust or stains on the surface of the scanner glass using a soft, dry, clean cloth.


    If there is any trash or dirt on the scanner glass, the scanning range may expand to include it, so the image of the original may be displaced or reduced.

  3. Place the original face-down and slide it to the corner mark.


    A range of 1.5 mm from the corner of the scanner glass is not scanned.

  4. Close the cover gently.


    Do not apply too much force to the scanner glass or the document cover. Otherwise, they may be damaged.

  5. Remove the originals after scanning.


    If you leave the originals on the scanner glass for a long time, they may stick to the surface of the glass.