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Restrictions on Copying

Observe the following restrictions to ensure the responsible and legal use of the printer.

Copying of the following items is prohibited by law:

  • Bank bills, coins, government-issued marketable securities, government bond securities, and municipal securities

  • Unused postage stamps, pre-stamped postcards, and other official postal items bearing valid postage

  • Government-issued revenue stamps, and securities issued according to legal procedure

Exercise caution when copying the following items:

  • Private marketable securities (stock certificates, negotiable notes, checks, etc.), monthly passes, concession tickets, etc.

  • Passports, driver’s licenses, warrants of fitness, road passes, food stamps, tickets, etc.


Copying these items may also be prohibited by law.

Responsible use of copyrighted materials:

Printers can be misused by improperly copying copyrighted materials. Unless acting on the advice of a knowledgeable attorney, be responsible and respectful by obtaining the permission of the copyright holder before copying published material.