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Making Wi-Fi Settings by PIN Code Setup (WPS)

You can connect to an wireless router by using a PIN code that is printed on the network status sheet. You can use this method to set up if an wireless router is capable of WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup). Use a computer to enter a PIN code into the wireless router.

  1. Load papers.

  2. Hold down the button on the printer for at least 5 seconds.

    The network status sheet is printed.


    If you release the button within 5 seconds, a network connection report is printed. Note that PIN code information is not printed on this report.

  3. While holding down the button, press the button until the light and the light flash alternately.

  4. Use your computer to enter the PIN code (an eight digit number) printed on [WPS-PIN Code] column of the network status sheet into the wireless router within two minutes.

    When a connection is established, the light turns on.

    • See the documentation provided with your wireless router for details on entering a PIN code.

    • The printer is in a connection error status when the light and the light flash simultaneously. After clearing the printer error by pressing the button on the printer, reboot the wireless router, place it close to the printer and try again. If it still does not work, print a network connection report and check the solution.