/ Loading Paper / Loading Paper in the Rear Paper Feed

Loading Paper in the Rear Paper Feed

  1. Open the feeder guard, extend the paper support, and then tilt it backwards.

  2. Slide the edge guide to the left.

  3. Load paper vertically along the right side of the rear paper feed with the printable side facing up.


    Do not load more than the maximum number of sheets specified for the paper. For plain paper, do not load above the line indicated by the triangle symbol on the edge guide.

    • Envelopes
    • Pre-punched paper
    • Load a single sheet of paper without binding holes at the top or the bottom.

    • Adjust the print position of your file to avoid printing over the holes.

  4. Slide the edge guide to the edge of the paper, and then close the feeder guard.

  5. Slide out the output tray.


    Return the remaining paper to its package. If you leave it in the printer, the paper may curl or the print quality may decline.